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From bungee jumping off bridges to hiking the tallest peaks, many travelers set out on their journeys looking for adventure in the outdoors, and those with mobility limitations are no exception. Whether you’re looking for activities that are accessible to groups of varying abilities or setting off on a solo journey as a traveler with impaired mobility, these adventures welcome everyone.

The Best Day Trips From Chattanooga

Situated conveniently along the Tennessee River and numerous highways, Chattanooga's long been valued for its strategic importance (it was dubbed the "gateway to the Deep South" during the Civil War). Today the city, nestled in the bluffs and mountains of the Cumberland Plateau, continues to be a convenient jumping-off point for various trips around the region.

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No place on Earth compares to this vast white wilderness of elemental forces: snow, ice, water, rock. Antarctica is simply stunning.


Antarctica’s surreal remoteness, extreme cold, enormous ice shelves and mountain ranges, and myriad exotic life forms invariably challenge you to embrace life fully. Everyone – scientist, support worker, government official and tourist – who comes to this isolated continent, must ‘earn’ it, whether by sea voyage or flight. Ice and weather, not clocks and calendars, determine the itinerary and the timetable of all travel here. Today, it’s even possible for visitors to climb Antarctic peaks or kayak icy waters. But there is nothing quite like the craggy crevasses of a magnificent glacier or the sheer expanse of the polar ice cap.