Travel Tip: Packing Smart

Forgotten how to pack your bags efficiently after being grounded for more than N months due to the he-who-must-not-be-named pandemic? Fret not, for we are here to offer you a gentle reminder on how to pack smartly, as well as some packing tips for when we’re all able to get on to a plane again and jet off to paradise one day.

Pack According To Your Travel Needs

It’s fairly common knowledge that airlines tend to charge you a fee for excess or oversized luggage. So while it may be tempting to pack half your apartment and stuff it in your luggage for your week-long trip, it’d be better to try and avoid going over the weight limit while packing.

One tip is to only bring carry-on bags for short trips, especially if you’re flying with a budget airline. Depending on how far and how long you’ll be travelling, one carry-on luggage is more than enough most of the time. And more importantly, you’ll have an easier time carrying around a smaller bag than a large, oversized one.

Check Your Wheels

Speaking of luggage, do not underestimate how useful a sturdy, hardy, hard-cased luggage is when you travel. Your mind will certainly be more at ease knowing that no amount of tossing will put a dent on your piece.

Bring Only The Necessities

It’d also be beneficial for you if you learn how to pack efficiently and bring only the bare necessities such as a few climate-appropriate clothes, washable undies, hairdryers, etc. Heck, you should also skip over bringing the basic toiletries as most accommodations will give you some form of a basic toiletry set in each room including toothbrushes and toothpaste. And if you find that you didn’t bring enough, you can always go on a mini shopping spree while you’re out and about. 

Bonus Tip: Disposable clothes are also great options to bring with you if you’re trying to save precious space in your baggage. Simply toss out the article of clothing (normally undergarments) once you’re done for the day.

Make A Checklist 

No, you will definitely need a list of things to pack. Yes, you will absolutely forget to bring something if you don’t have one. Trust us, it can be something as benign as forgetting a clean towel or it could be something vital like personal medication but forgetting something after you leave the house may put a damper on your holiday mood and get your vacay off on the wrong start. A packing checklist ensures that you won’t forget anything important while also encouraging you to trim down on overpacking. And as for the checklist itself, you may either make your own or do an online search to find the perfect list from the myriad of resources available. 

Tip: You may make use of your itinerary to plan out what you’ll be wearing on a day-to-day schedule while on your vacation so that you pack exactly what you need and not anything excessive.

Always Use A Luggage Scale Before You Finish Packing

It’s already 2021, get yourself a luggage scale already. Luggage scales are an inexpensive way of ensuring that you do not hit the carry-on limit of your bags and you won’t have to endure the embarrassment of taking some of your items out in front of the check-in counter — the anxiety building as the queue behind you grows ever-longer. So take the guesswork out of it with a handy dandy luggage scale for your peace of mind, yeah?

Which Side of The Fence Are You On, Roll or Fold?

Ah yes, the age-old question when it comes to packing, should you roll your clothing or fold them in a neat albeit space-consuming fashion. The answer? Roll!

It’s scientifically proven (not really) that rolling the contents of your luggage will help you save more space rather than folding. On top of that, it also cuts down on potential wrinkles. So the next time you’re packing, try to make a game out of it à la Tetris and pack to maximize your space.

In the same vein, you should also try to consolidate the contents of your luggage as much as possible. For instance, try to stuff socks, sunscreen, or other smaller items into a hat or shoes so that you may save space in your suitcase.

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