5 Beautiful Resort Hotels With Private Pools In Malaysia

Nothing truly encapsulates luxury, opulence, and indulgence more than your very own personal and private pool in your backyard. You’ll certainly know that you’ve finally made it when your house is the only one in the neighbourhood with its own private pool. But for most of us mere mortals, having a swimming pool in our abode is a goal that is hardly realistic, especially during these pandemic times. So here we are looking for the next best thing — no, it’s not buying a condo that comes with a communal swimming pool (eww). Rather than that, take a journey with us to be awestruck by these luxurious resort hotels that can be found all throughout Malaysia that, as the title suggest,  offer villas/rooms with their own attached private pool.

1. Grand Lexis Port Dickson 

Starting off this list is the always-popular, always-crowded (when interstate travel was allowed, anyway) Port Dickson. More particularly, the Grand Lexis Port Dickson is exactly where you need to be to lay your head down for a magnificent beach night.

The Grand Lexis Port Dickson resort has more than 300 villas that have their own private pools attached. To sweeten the proverbial deal, some of the units are even placed over the clear, azure waters of the Malaysian ocean which provides a truly fantastic view for a romantic and relaxing getaway.

If the above perfect romantic scenario is what you’re seeking, we’d recommend that you try and book the Deluxe Pool Villa — a unit that has been tailor-made specifically for couples looking for a lovely and reclusive retreat. Sitting at 667 square feet, the cosy villa has everything you’ll need for a private escape including glass panels on the floor to offer unfiltered access to the curious marine life below. Apart from that, the villa also comes with a dry kitchenette for you to cook a simple meal for your partner, or alternatively, you could also order room service. But the highlight of this villa is most definitely the semi-outdoor private swimming which gives you arguably the best view of the horizon on the beach.

So sit back, relax, play a few games, and enjoy your time with your partner in serene bliss. By and large, the highlight of the resort, if waddling in your private pool all the time isn’t to your liking, you may still participate in one of the many recreational activities that the resort has to offer. For instance, you could rent bicycles for a slow ride across the property, or take part in some archery, or even attempt to emulate the late, great Whitney Houston in the karaoke room.

Likewise, if adventuring is more up your alley, the resort can even arrange fishing or crabbing activities for you!

2. The Orchard Wellness & Health Resort

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? The Orchard Wellness and Health Resort is all the answers you’ll need. The resort is well-known for its top-notch customer services, and you’ll certainly find yourself pampered silly at the resort when you get there.

Speaking of getting there, you’ll first have to head to the popular historical city of Malacca. Then, to get to the Orchard Wellness and Health Resort, you’ll have to drive just under an hour from here. However, once you step foot on the resort’s property, you’ll notice the air of relaxation is nearly palpable. This resort focuses mainly on providing THE most relaxing stay for its guests. You may expect plenty of activities in this realm offered here including yoga and meditation classes, fitness programmes, and spa sessions.

To enhance your relaxation here, we would 100% suggest booking their Luxury Villa With Private Pool. This particular villa was designed with the perfect romantic hideaway in mind. Along with that, the villa obviously comes with its own pool and is well-hidden by lush, beautiful greenery.

All guests at the Orchard Wellness & Health Resort are also able to visit the many fruit farms found around the property at no extra charge. We’d recommend renting a bicycle to cycle around the property while you sample the various seasonal fruits including rambutan, longan, durian, etc. The other attractions around the resort also include a mini zoo and a deer farm. 

3. Lexis Suites Penang

Our next entry is another Lexis resort. Lexis Suites Penang is found on the popular island of Penang, specifically located a mere 10-minute drive (in Teluk Kumbar) from the island’s international airport.

What’s different about this resort from the rest on this list is that Lexis Suites Penang doesn’t offer a similar villa/chalet grid format that you typically find in most other resorts of similar ilk. Here you’ll only find a 26-floor towering building sitting pristinely on the beach.

In the hotel resort, all 222 rooms are equipped with their very own private pool in the balcony area for maximum scenery viewing pleasure.

Imagine. Soaking in (don’t mind the pun) the lush landscapes of Penang as you quietly spend a few moments afloat in the calming waters of your own personal pool. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

And once you’ve done soaking up the magnificent view from your private plunge pool, you may hop into your room’s sauna to warm up before partaking in the nightly activities that Penang is well-known for. That’s right, the Executive Pool Suite has its own built-in sauna to use at your leisure!

4. Villa Samadhi Kuala Lumpur

If you aren’t looking to stray too far from the city but still want to find a pocket of quietness in an otherwise bustling city centre, might we recommend Villa Samadhi?

Perched right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Villa Samadhi is a tranquil retreat that offers more than just a place to check-in for the night. Serenity and a quiet ambience being the keywords here. You’ll certainly find it difficult to believe that you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of KL city when you enter the property.

We’d definitely suggest getting one of Villa Samadhi’s Luxe rooms as the rooms come with a beautiful garden and obviously, with a private plunge pool. Enjoy peace and quiet as you admire the scenic night views that Kuala Lumpur’s skyline has to offer from the comfort of your own pool. Blissful, indeed.

And if you’re looking for activities other than soaking in a plunge pool all day, Villa Samadhi is strategically placed just a short drive away from Bukit Bintang — the hub of activity in the city. Shopping is always welcomed, and you may then head back to your personal sanctuary (for the night) to unwind and rest once you’re done.

5. Bunga Raya Island Resort

Right, as far as exotic island destinations are concerned, no one should exclude the ever-popular Gaya Island off the coast of Sabah from their list.

If you’re willing to take the slightly arduous journey out into the great open seas, then this island is exactly the place where you need to be. Gaya Island is located just a short boat ride away and is home to a rather secret and luxurious (not so) secret — Bunga Raya Island Resort!

This ultimate hidden getaway is found perched on the perfect and lush hillsides of the world-famous Polish Bay on the island. Be prepared to be blown away by the magnificence of the natural beauty that the island has to offer as you approach this quaint and secluded haven as the vibrant rainforest and sandy white beaches welcome you to the island.

As far as accommodation options go, there are a few choices here. But by far the best is the luxurious Plunge Pool Villa. As its namesake suggests, the villa offers its guests a simple affair indeed — a sea-facing chalet crafted perfectly from timber in traditional Bornean architecture designs. Coupled with the large open deck balcony affixed with a private plunge pool, this option is certainly one of the more lavish options on this list.

And as for activities to be had, do expect the usual island fares. Think water-based activities like snorkelling, diving, or paddleboarding. While you may have your own private pool to partake in, we would definitely suggest making the most of your time here in the crystal clear water. The breathtaking azure waters surrounding the island are too beautiful to miss out on.

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