The Best Theme Parks In Malaysia

When a facade of Malaysia comes to mind, an image of an uber hot and humid tropical city coupled with a delectable collection of street food immediately pops up. To add to that, Malaysia is also home to a mild city/nature experience that doesn’t necessarily spark the adrenaline flow. In fact, there’s little to nothing in the country that will get your endorphins rushing except, of course, for the myriad of best waterparks and theme parks in Malaysia for you to visit!

From wet and wild rides to adrenaline-inducing sky-high rides, here are some of the best theme parks in Malaysia for you to visit the next time you’re in town (with strict travel SOP in place, of course).

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Allow us to reiterate once more. Malaysia is a hot/humid tropical country. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is the perfect place for you to cool down on a hot summer’s day.

Sunway Lagoon is often considered one of the best water parks in Malaysia bar none. And it is also a favourite among many travellers of any age and creed as it is home to a wide variety of attractions that will satiate any level of adventurer within you. Indeed, from the slow-moving tracks circling the theme park to the exciting water slides, there’s something for everyone at Sunway Lagoon!

More particularly, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park offers over 80 attractions spread out across a massive park of 88 acres. You’ll find six adventure zones to partake in here ranging from thrilling affairs to the aquatic variety to the amusement park. Even animal lovers will get to be close to exotic wildlife when they visit the Wildlife Park in Sunway Lagoon. And horror fans will certainly feel most familiar with Scream Park.

Genting Highland (Indoor) Theme Park

Speaking of cool, what better way to escape the blistering heat of the city centre than by ascending to the top of a mountain to enjoy a cool breeze? We’re of course referring to Genting Highlands here.

Specifically, apart from the forthcoming outdoor theme park, Genting Highlands features an extravagant range of activities for one and all to partake in. For those intending to test their luck, try your hands at playing some games in the Sky Casino. For the shutterbugs, there are plenty of picturesque views to take in as the mountainous region provides ample source material.

Most importantly, the shopaholics will be ecstatic to know that Genting Premium Outlet is a mere gondola ride away!

That being said, the crème de la crème of Genting Highlands does not lie with its varied activities. On the contrary, Genting is most well-known for its theme park!

As we mentioned, Genting Highland’s outdoor theme park is not ready just yet. But you’ll still be able to enjoy the indoor rides when you visit. Now named the Skytropolis Funland Indoor Theme Park, the indoor theme park covers more than 400,000 sq ft in First World Plaza.

The theme park offers various children’s and family rides which in combination, comes up to around 20 rides in total. For the adventurous theme park goer, there are thrilling rides like the Sky Towers or Spin Crazy to get your head spinning and your heart racing.

Otherwise, you may also find other attractions in the vein of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Adventureland and Snow World here.

Legoland Malaysia

Who doesn’t love Legos?

As its name implies, this particular theme park revolves around the ever-popular Danish toy, Lego. Here, you’ll find plenty of Lego merchandise and paraphernalia all around the park and its accompanying Legoland hotel. Best of all, you may take some of them home with you!

At Legoland, the rides and attractions are constructed with Legos in mind. They also present plenty of exciting opportunities to test your bravery on the exhilarating rides.

And have we also mentioned that Legoland Theme Park is one of the first international theme parks in Malaysia? Indeed, everything in the park facilitates your imaginative inquisitiveness and creativity. You’ll be able to assemble and dismantle just about anything in the park that you can get your hands on, within reason. And as far as attractions go, expect the standard theme park fare, except with Legos. A water park, wave pool, and a smorgasbord of roller coaster rides are to be expected. But the Build-A-Raft area offers you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Lastly, a not-to-be-missed attraction in the theme park is definitely Miniland. This area features some of the most recognisable landmarks in Asia recreated through the colourful plastic bricks.

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