Cheapest Destinations In Asia To Travel To… When It’s Safe

Travel is dead or has been dormant for a while now due to the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. But that doesn’t mean the wanderlust in you should be extinguished forever. For some, they are more than looking forward to getting their travel itch scratched once travel has been deemed safe (get vaccinated, y’all). For others, they are simply planning on travelling across the border to meet friends and family that they have not seen for almost two years.

If you belong in the former group, this is the most opportune time to set up the game plan for your next, great travel adventure. And if you’re planning on taking it slow at the first instances of travelling coming back to life, we certainly don’t blame you one bit.

You may consider one of these budget-friendly destinations to travel in Asia if you intend to live like royalty on your next journey to achieve wanderlust. 


Starting off strong (or rather, cheap), Bangladesh is certainly a cheap country to travel to — regardless of the stereotypes often associated with its foreign workers.

At its core, Bangladesh is an affordable albeit offbeat travel destination that is chock-full of energy, intrigue, and mystique not found in many places across the globe. For the nature enthusiasts, you’ll find the Sundarbans — the biggest mangrove forest in the world. Along with that, you’ll also find the Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, which contrary to popular belief is not a bazaar but rather the longest stretch of unbroken sandy beach on this great, green Earth.

Culture and history buffs will love to discover the many ancient temples in Puthia, river life in Barisal or the olden ruins in Gaur. Whereas, food lovers and wallet-watchers will have a whale of a time partaking in the local affordable delicacies. In Bangladesh, you can quite literally survive on a daily budget of just 4,000 takas for a mid-high-class experience including top-class hotel rooms and fancy restaurants.

On the flip side, it’s even possible for backpackers to spend around half of that amount each day that they’re travelling in Bangladesh. What’s not to love, eh?


No, we aren’t referring to the US state of Georgia. In fact, it is quite unfortunate that this rather affordable travel destination shares the same name as its American counterpart as the tiny nation is often an overlooked travel destination.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t an affordable country to travel in by any means.

If you weren’t already aware, Georgia is a country that sits alongside the Black Sea at a strategic location situated on the crossroads between Asia and Europe.

What you’ll find in Georgia is lush nature galore!

In particular, the always-magnificent Caucasus Mountains are a spectacle to behold — with plenty of charming traditional villages (where the Georgian culture is nearly palpable) found nearly all around the humble winding roads in Georgia. As a matter of fact, the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is a proverbial melting pot of cultural influences. And it is also where the traditional way of life for most Georgians still prevail.

That being said, the nightlife in Georgia is fun and cheap. Plus, where else in the world can you enjoy skiing in the morning and then hit the beach in the evening/afternoon?

For a measly 14 Georgian lari, you may get a comfy hostel bed to lay your head down at the end of the day. As for commuting, you can travel anywhere and everywhere in Georgia by employing the local minivans for only 20 lari.

As such, a backpacker would at most only need a budget of around 60 lari to have a great time in Georgia.


Make no mistake about it, exploring Mount Everest will cost you in more ways than one — financially and physically. However, if you opt to skip over the world-famous peak, the base costs of visiting Nepal is actually rather affordable. For your information, a basic meal at a budget restaurant in Nepal will cost you about 200 Nepalese Rupees, which is definitely quite affordable. On the other hand, double rooms in Kathmandu guesthouses can be found for as low as 650 rupees per night. And depending on your activity of choice, a daily budget of around 3,000 rupees should be enough to make the most out of your time in this mythical country.


Of course, we couldn’t possibly end our list without including one of the up-and-comers in the world of budget travel, could we?

Apart from its recent political instability, the country still remains one of the top holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. Think beautiful and tranquil beaches, architectural marvels, majestic national parks, cosy shopping malls, and the not-to-be-missed local cuisine and you’ve got a decent idea of what Malaysia entails as a travel destination.

Though you should keep in mind that Peninsular Malaysia is more accessible transport wise compared to its Borneo brethren. Likewise, the costs of living in the east tend to be on the cheaper side.

The top destinations to visit in Malaysia ranges from the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur, the quaint historical town of Malacca, the green and lush Cameron Highlands, the relaxing island of Langkawi, or the food Mecca of the east, Kuching city.

As for expenditures, a private room in a low budget guesthouse could cost you around RM43 per night, while the average price of a meal in Malaysia is approximately RM10 depending on where you choose to eat at. 

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