An Underrated Travel Destination: Myanmar

Enclosed by the ever-crowded nations of Bangladesh and India towards its northwest, along with the massive reach of mainland China to its northeast, as well as the peaceful nation of Laos placed towards its east and the always-popular travel destination of Thailand to the southeast, the country Myanmar is a relatively unknown destination — even amongst the myriad of Southeast Asian (SEA) countries to visit.

Myanmar is Not Just Another Thailand or Vietnam Clone

Oftentimes, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a country that is compared to its hugely popular neighbour of Thailand — a country that many tourists prefer to visit. You can’t really blame them though, as whatever you may find in Myanmar, you can also encounter in the one-time Siam Kingdom.

Let’s put it into perspective, shall we? 

Imagine a majority Theravada Buddhism community, along with sprawling monasteries and Buddhist temples scattered throughout the country, and you’ve got a pretty clear picture of what Myanmar brings to the table. To that end, the fact that Myanmar’s ancient pagodas and temples remind one of Cambodia’s equally primordial albeit more well-known Angkor Temples doesn’t particularly lend a hand in its cause.

Though you should make no mistake about it, the Burmese country is still pretty much a great destination to visit — especially if you’re looking for a place that isn’t too well-known but isn’t too off the beaten track either.

Case in point, while Myanmar is filled with a near-copy of what you get from its SEA neighbours, it is the unique culture and picturesque/romantic scenery which allows the country to stand out magnificently on its own.

If the above has convinced you to visit Myanmar in the near future (or when it’s possible to travel, pandemic be damned), sit back, relax, and enjoy a journey filled with exploration of Myanmar’s golden monasteries, hot air balloons, and a majestic au naturel lake.

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